You’ve Got What it Takes: What Every Father Needs to Know about Initiating and Mentoring Sons

TKM Founder Mark Houck presents to fathers and sons the ingredients necessary for proper masculine formation. Mark will draw a father and son’s heart towards a greater understanding of each other and their unique contribution for the world and Church today. This powerful masculine talk is designed to both educate and inspire fathers and sons to travel the amazing masculine faith journey together.

Leaving a Legacy

TKM Founder and President Mark Houck invites men in this emotional talk to enter into the legacy that all have been given by virtue of their earthly sonship. Men will be empowered to reflect on the legacy their fathers and grandfathers gave them in an effort to guide them in the development of the type of legacy that they most want to leave their children.

Unleashing Your Inner St. Joseph

TKM Founder & President Mark Houck invites men to learn more about the hidden life of St. Joseph with many stories taken from mystics and historians. Men will be challenged to consider how St. Joseph is the model man and how his mission, courage, chastity and paternity are just what they need in today’s world.