Men: The Backbone of the Church

This presentation by TKM Founder Mark Houck addresses the issue of man’s role in the Body of Christ. The presentation is divided into two parts: crisis and solution. Mark speaks the hard truth that men must hear in order to lead, protect, and provide for their Church, families and the common good.

Chivalry: The Forgotten Art

TKM Founder & President Mark Houck delivers a powerful talk on reclaiming the forgotten virtue of chivalry. Borrowing from the Knight’s “Code of Chivalry, Mark summons and challenges men to model and sacrifice their lives after the first knight, Jesus Christ. Women will be called to identify their roles through Mary, the embodiment of the Church. Together, all will be invited to cooperatively partner in restoring chivalry to the mainstream culture.

Being a Man in an Unmanly World

TKM Founder & President Mark Houck powerfully challenges men to reclaim their masculinity in a world that all too often reduces manhood to just sports, beer drinking and womanizing. Mark will offer men three strategies for combating this negative trend:
conversion, brotherhood, and action.

Courage Brothers!

TKM Founder and President Mark Houck powerfully presents the reasons for men to answer the call to address the current crisis in masculinity that is most affecting our culture and Church today. Mark draws on the insights of 10 plus years working with men through The King’s Men apostolate to address the cultural evils of abortion, pornography and the re-definition of traditional marriage.