Sanctity is Not About Flicking Boogers

“My name is Bob, and I’m and alcoholic.”

“My name is Jerry, and I’m a sexaholic.”

“My name is Kevin, and I’m a whatever-aholic.”

You name the struggle, chances are there’s a group out there to help you get through it. Praise God, indeed. Sin and vice loves isolation and darkness, and a supportive and compassionate group that can empathize with one’s pain is a welcomed oasis in a society were mercy and patience has run dry

There is a danger, however, when the struggle becomes the identity; when the words “I am” are immediately followed by the name of your sin, vice, or pain. Though personal growth certainly includes the suppression of vice and fostering of virtue, there is a difference between growing into an identity and overcoming one. Growing into an identity is forward-looking, aiming at an ideal, and acknowledging that you are on a road to perfection. Overcoming an identity means starting at a deficit, and makes life’s purpose about flicking the proverbial booger off your finger. Continue reading

Welcome to our new TKM blog

Welcome to our new TKM blog, your weekly pit stop for the masculine journey. Ladies welcome!

Now that you’ve added us to your favorites (ahem, I’ll give you a second…ok good), our intent behind this blog is to blitzkrieg your week with a short and pithy anecdote-filled quick-read that allows you to break away from the office battle rhythm for an espresso shot of Leader, Protector, and Provider. There is always time for espresso!

The comet is hurtling imminently toward the earth. The two space shuttles filled with crackshot navy SEAL-astronaut-Harvard graduates have reported mission failure, and your interspace tactical nukes were not able to jar the hurtling city of rock from its earthbound trajectory. A mere 12 minutes away from global annihilation, you watch the token semi-annoying side-kick solemnly proceed over to the smart guy in the white lab coat where he asks, “What do we do now?” Slowly removing his glasses, the man takes a deep breath and exhales. “All we can do is pray.” Continue reading